With winter, you probably will not feel like taking a dip in your pool until the weather warms up again. However, that does not mean you should let your pool become a mess during this season. Follow some basic maintenance so that your pool remains in good shape all year-round.

Secure Your Pool Cover

Leaves and other debris can get in your pool and cause a real mess. You should definitely invest in a pool cover so that nothing is able to get in the water. Make sure it is secured tightly so that any high winds will not blow it off.

Clean Your Pool Cover Regularly

Too many leaves or branches getting on top of your pool cover can eventually damage the structure. You should clean off leaves before a rainstorm comes in because it is going to be an immense hassle to clear soggy leaves off your cover.

Prevent Algae Growth

It does not take much for algae to take over your pool water. See what chemicals would be best to clean your pool so that the water always remains sanitary. You want to eliminate algae now so that you do not have to deal with it when you actually want to swim.

Some routine maintenance is all you need to maintain a clean pool. For additional pool materials, call Athens Pool & Spa in Georgia.