Do you long for your own backyard swimming pool but don’t have the space for it? If so, the answer to your dreams may just be to install a plunge pool instead. What is a plunge pool, and how can it benefit you? Here’s a short guide to this relaxing style of backyard fun.


A plunge pool is simply a small pool designed more for taking a short dip (or plunge) and relaxing rather than for strong swimming. It’s the perfect complement to a backyard gym or a home sauna, and it can offer exactly what you need to relax at the end of a long day at work. Plunge pools are generally shallow and self-contained, and they can often easily be fitted with spa-like jets to provide a hot tub ambiance without installing a separate unit.


A plunge pool is perfect for the pool enthusiast who doesn’t have to worry about making room for kids’ play. It’s intimate and can fit in a small space, such as a deck or patio. As a complement to the warm water of a sauna or a spa, it could provide an invigorating cold water dip that acts as additional therapy.

If you prefer warm water, this is the perfect size for underwater exercises as well as gentle warmth working through sore muscles. Working out underwater is low impact and provides some resistance while not overworking the body, particularly during rehabilitation.


A plunge pool is small enough to work well in many different backyard landscape situations. Unlike traditional spas, this is a pool that can be tailored to the shape and size you prefer that your space can handle. This means you can match any style of landscape or hardscape around the pool. A formal style of house architecture, for example, could work well with a square or rectangle pool built right at the level of the accompanying deck.

A small pool also makes a fantastic base for an artistic touch in the yard. Turn the pool into a stunning night time water feature by adding embellishments like a sluice waterfall, a small rock grotto with hidden lighting, or several scuppers. LED lighting, overarching greenery, or eclectic tiles could turn such a basic yard element into a focal point for the entire yard.


If you think that a plunge pool might be just right for you, contact a qualified pool services contractor to learn more. While space may not be as much of a challenge as it is with a full size swimming pool, you will need to have potential installation sites assessed first. This pool will still need a stable foundation and base as well as meeting engineering requirements for digging and weight.

In addition to determining if the location is suitable, treat the plunge pool like a hot tub for aesthetic purposes. Test out how enjoyable the view around the pool will be and how you can improve it for more relaxation while you’re soaking. If you want to add artistic touches to create a unique water feature, make sure it will be seen at its best angle from the house and any entertainment areas.

You will also need to be able to comfortably reach the pool in all weather and at all times of day. Ensuring an easy, accessible route will help you enjoy it more.

For more help finding the right style and size of plunge pool, contact us at Athens Pool & Spa today. Together, we are sure to be able to create the dunk of your dreams.