There is nothing as luxurious as having your own swimming pool for bathing, exercising and cooling off, right in your backyard. However, there are many homeowners who want more than a simple rectangle with water in their backyard — they want an entire oasis experience.

That said, you want your pool and its environs to present an attractive sight as well. That’s where poolscaping comes in. Poolscaping is the idea that the swimming pool and related features should blend into your landscaping. These tips can help you design a beautiful poolscape for your yard.


Poolscaping doesn’t require that you go as naturalistic as, say, a lagoon-style pool — though that’s certainly one style of a poolscape. However, you should still choose a pool that’s more organic in shape.

If you’re opting for a prefabricated liner, a kidney shape is good. However, if you’re choosing gunite as the liner, you can choose a custom pool shape. In this case, consider a freeform pool. These feature an organic series of curves to create the shape. As the Landscaping Network points out, a freeform pool blends especially well with nature.


If you’re choosing a freeform pool, organize the curves so they leave room for planters. For instance, create inlets into the shape, and have contractors add planting beds. This will allow you to create a lush backdrop for your pool. The inlet of a kidney-shaped pool works well for this idea, too.

Likewise, plan out specific places for planting beds within the environs of your pool. For instance, if you’re incorporating a hot tub, there should be a backdrop of plants here, too, as well as for an outdoor kitchen or sundeck. Keep in mind how the plants can also create a sense of privacy.


The first consideration for choosing poolscaping plants is that the plant must be ideal for being near the water. With that in mind, you want plants that won’t drop seed heads or leaves into the water because that creates more cleanup work. Common poolside plants include bird of paradise, hibiscus and queen palm.
That said, you do want to create a lush backdrop for your poolscape. The key is to plant in layers. So, you’ll place plants with luxuriant leaves so that they create a screen for your pool fun. Near the water, you’ll plant pretty flowers. You can also utilize some of your poolside plantings, such as bamboo or papyrus, for shade.


A poolscape is not about the swimming pool alone. Your backyard retreat should feature all the additions that will facilitate your outdoor lifestyle. Some common additions include saunas, spas, outdoor kitchens, sundecks and outdoor showers.

Likewise, beautiful pool design includes other features. Many homeowners like to incorporate a fountain or waterfall into their pool, not only for the aesthetics but for the sound of water music. A grotto is a similar installation. You can also incorporate a fire feature with a fountain to add even more visual interest.


The final step to creating a beautiful poolscape is to light it well. First off, you’ll want to light your pool attractively. Rather than choosing a single, utilitarian fixture, light up different areas to emphasize the beauty of your pool shape and its features. So, if you’ve had a waterfall installed, illuminate it with LED lights.

Additionally, add pretty landscape lighting for the plants themselves. For example, if you’ve planted a tree, consider having contractors add moonlighting that shines down on the poolscape. You could also highlight plant textures with a grazing effect. Such landscape lighting gives your poolscape real wow factor.

Design a pool that blends seamlessly with the landscape. Visit Athens Pool & Spa to start planning your beautiful poolscape.