If you look at some celebrity mansions, you see they have pool houses that resemble homes in high-end neighborhoods. While you can try to incorporate some of the luxurious details into your own pool house, don’t despair if you can’t replicate that opulence. Below are some essentials to make your pool house both beautiful and functional.

At its heart, a pool house is a space that facilitates swimming pool activities. Therefore, you want the majority of that space open to the outdoors. The front of the pool house should mostly be a transitional area. The ideal space will be covered but also fronted with a lot of joined outdoor space.

To that end, you can choose to leave the front of the pool house open; in this case, the effect will be of a fancy cabana. However, if you want more protection from the elements, consider a glass wall system. This system consists of glass doors that either slide or accordion back to open up the interior fully to the exterior. You can adjust the level of openness based on your preference.

Pool houses are often a hub for poolside entertaining. So you’ll want to have plenty of area for seating. Much of this seating will be in the transitional space in front of the pool house. However, you want to consider what kind of seating to have inside the pool house.

You might choose to incorporate a bar with bar seating and an open-plan area next to it. The open-layout area can be the site of dining, entertaining, or lounging, depending on what kind of furniture you fill it with.

One of the main functions of your pool house should be to provide some privacy for changing into and out of swimming suits. This privacy area can be part of a full bathroom, or you can simply designate an area that will be screened in. Either way, some hooks will be helpful for hanging wet suits and towels.

You should also have storage for beach towels Many pool house designs include a full bathroom. Such a setup is certainly convenient, especially for washing off after a swim. However, it also requires full plumbing, including feed, drain, and vent piping. If you don’t want to get that in-depth with your pool house plumbing, consider incorporating an outdoor shower, which only requires feed and drain plumbing.

Generally speaking, pool houses tend to adopt the architectural style of your house. So if you have a Mission-style house, your pool house will likely follow suit. The exterior doesn’t have to mimic the style completely, but it should incorporate some of the details in your house’s façade.

Something that is necessary, though, is a design plan. This plan should include a color scheme and materials palette. Both should complement your house and pool. That way, you ensure your entire pool area is cohesive.

On a purely utilitarian note, you’ll want to incorporate storage into your pool house design. You’ll need a fair amount of equipment to run your pool, and a storage space in the house is an ideal setup.

For the storage, the space should have access from the outside so you don’t have to march equipment through the public space. Designers often put this storage space in the back of the house, but you want to ensure easy access between the door and the pool. Likewise, include specialized storage cabinets and hooks for all your pool equipment.

Don’t think of a pool house as a mini version of your house. Instead, design a structure that enhances your enjoyment of pool activities. Let Athens Pool & Spa build a gorgeous pool house that meets your needs.