4 Ways a Spa Spillover Can Complement Your Pool and Backyard

Spas and swimming pools are often integrated to work together in an attractive and cohesive design. Typically, the spa is raised above the pool. As a result, pool designers can utilize different methods so that the spa’s water spills gently into the swimming pool below.

Do you want to add a spa to your backyard pool retreat? If so, consider integrating a spillover. Below are some ways the small feature can add to the ambience of your backyard.

1. Water Music Fills the Backyard

One of the most popular backyard landscaping installations is a water fountain. A spa spillover is another version of a backyard water fountain. Such fountains are popular for many reasons, but one of the biggest is that they create water music, which is the sound of water trickling into a pool.

Water music on its own is a pleasing sound. Many people find it soothing, which is why it’s incorporated into chill spots such as outdoor lounges or even meditation spaces. That said, with enough of a water spillage, you can get relatively loud water music. The sound of trickling water can even mask background noise, such as from the neighboring yard or the street.

2. Spilling Water Adds Beauty

Another reason a water fountain is a popular backyard installation is because of the visual fountains create. Granted, part of that visual is the fountain itself. However, spilling water is like fire – it can be mesmerizing to watch.

The spilling water creates different shapes which can even change as the amount of water falling changes. The surface can bubble and twist or become a flat sheet. What’s more, the spilling water catches the sunlight. So, you can see diamond-like glints in the spilling water. You might even see some prism effects if the sun hits the water right.

In addition, spilling water can enhance the materials used in your yard. Indeed, many stones show their best beauty when they’re wet.

What’s more, the spilling water can draw attention to the spa and how it connects to the pool.

3. Spillover Creates a Connection Between the Spa and Pool

One of the main reasons designers like to incorporate a spa spillover because of the visual connection it creates between the spa and pool. Designers have many ways of adding the raised spa above the pool, but many of them leave the spa looking disconnected. A spillover changes that disconnection.

For example, your spa may be on the edge of your pool instead of extending into the perimeter. A small opening in the lip of the spa can create that connection between it and the pool that might not otherwise be present.

4. Spillovers Give You More Design Choices

If you have a spa spillover, you can play with the shape of the spillover opening. Quite often the spillover is wide and flat with a little angle to encourage the water into the pool below. However, you can narrow the opening or widen the lip of the spillover or even extend it farther to create a spout.

You can also choose a complementary material for the spillover opening to highlight the area. For example, perhaps the rest of the coping is light. You can choose a color from the backsplash, or the background of the spillover, for the spout.

Indeed, the backsplash affords you numerous opportunities to personalize how your spa and pool coordinate with the spillover. While many homeowners keep the material behind the water the same, you could choose this as an area for complementary colors or shapes. Likewise, you could incorporate LED lighting into the waterfall to further draw attention to it.

Create extra beauty in your swimming pool and whole backyard with a spa spillover. Consult with Athens Pool & Spa for more design ideas.