Swimming pools can give your family members and friends a fast, fun way to cool off on a hot summer’s day, but unfortunately, large bodies of water are inherently dangerous. Each year in the US, about ten people die every day in pool-related incidents, and many of them are children. Fortunately, you can keep the people you love from becoming a statistic by being proactive. Here are three ways to keep your kids safe around your swimming pool.


Many swimming pool incidents occur when homeowners aren’t around the pool because no one can personally monitor a pool 24/7. However, modern safety supplies make it easy to keep kids from wandering into your pool area or getting into the water.

Pool fences come in both permanently installed varieties or temporary versions, giving homeowners the opportunity to surround the pool when people are visiting. While many seasoned pool owners use standard pool covers designed to keep the water clean, you can invest in modern pool covers that are strong enough to support the weight of heavy snowfall or a person, preventing damage and accidental falls.

Both pool covers and fences come in versions that require the homeowner to grant access via a key or an entered code, helping swimming spaces stay safe.

Pool alarms are also helpful for detecting movement inside pools, and emergency equipment can help adults to respond to urgent situations. Red rescue tubes make it easy for someone to toss someone struggling to swim a lifeline, while grab hooks are handy for retrieving pool equipment and helping swimmers find their way.

Whether you are the new owner of a home with a swimming pool or you have just broken ground on your new recreation area, make a budget for safety supplies. Although extra safety supplies can be a large expense, the cost pales in comparison to losing a loved one.


You might be thinking about taking time to teach your kids how to swim, but what will you do if they gain a false sense of confidence and decide to practice on their own? One of the best ways to prevent drownings is by teaching your kids how to swim by enrolling them in professional lessons.

Taught at thousands of community recreation centers across the country, swimming lessons are a great way for anyone to learn this important skill. While in swimming lessons, kids learn everything from how to float on their backs to how to get to the side of the pool if they aren’t feeling strong, preventing drownings.

When your kids are in swimming lessons, watch them carefully as they learn to find out their strengths and weaknesses. Talk with teachers about what your kids need to work on, and help them at home to master important skills. Explain to your children that they aren’t allowed to swim alone, and keep your pool locked at all times unless an adult is present to monitor swimming.


Sometimes, even the best parents aren’t familiar with their child’s level of swimming ability. To keep young children safe, make a rule that anyone under a certain age swimming in your pool has to wear a safety vest. Keep a stash of small safety vests on hand, and make this rule seem like a fun part of the swimming process.

Although this rule might seem like overkill, keeping younger children suited up in protective floatation devices could keep kids safe if they fall in while running around the pool.

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