2019 Trends to Make Your Pool Modern and Beautiful

Are you considering a swimming pool renovation or new construction in 2019? One construction goal for most pool owners is to modernize their swimming pool to keep it fresh and exciting while protecting its financial value to the home. There are several ways to do this with your own pool if you try these gorgeous trends.

Add Energy Efficiency

Everyone knows that swimming pools can be energy hogs that add to your monthly bills, but modern pools provide many ways to avoid this problem.

Start by setting the pool in a location that reduces wind and solar evaporation. Add a color scheme that helps naturally heat the water through sunlight. Then, install energy efficient variable speed pumps and high-efficiency heaters. Want to take energy efficiency to a new level? Install geothermal or solar heating as well.

Match the Color Scheme

Today’s pool liner and deck materials provide ways to alter the color and feeling of your pool in ways unimaginable in prior years. With glass tiles, concrete stamping, and aggregate compounds, the options are often only limited by your imagination.

Want to create a more natural, calming look? Try a dark finish on pool tiles and liner. Prefer the look of an island beach? Match it with soft and earthy neutrals in the pool area. Going for a more rustic appearance? Use stone or concrete made to mimic the appearance of natural wood.

While the water and the basic pool shape are the same in all these situations, the wide variety of building materials allows you to give it a customized appearance.

Keep Lines Clean

Simple is better for most pool owners in 2019. Clean, uncluttered outlines make pools look modern and fresh in many backyards.

A simple geometric shape doesn’t have to be a boring rectangle, though. Why not create an exciting look with a circular pool, a Roman pool with curved edges, or an unusual and surprising angle along one side? Even a basic oval or rectangle can be freshened up by adding a long built-in ledge or rain wall backdrop.

Think Smaller

For many homeowners, property space is at a premium, and the days of filling the entire backyard with a huge pool are over.

Today’s pool owners often want a smaller pool that more appropriately fits their lifestyle and the shape of the yard. Think of the pool less as the central feature and more as just one part of your overall entertainment area, integrating it into the outdoor kitchen, fire pit grouping, deck, or kids’ play area.

Look for a custom design that allows you to dip your toes but still leaves room to enjoy other yard activities. If you’re really pressed for space, consider a plunge pool or a shallow “beach” pool that incorporates sunbathing into the watery area.

Automate the Work

Take your pool into the 21st Century by adding smart features that add to the beauty and care of the swimming pool.

Start with an automatic pool cover that provides protection, adds energy efficiency, and boosts safety for kids and pets. Set up a lighting design that you can program for different ambiance settings, such as evening entertaining with a group or a solo moonlight swim, as well as individual control.

And apps now provide control of many pool features, including the pump, heating system and temperature, and maintenance needs.

Athens Pool & Spa can help you find the best ways to bring your pool or pool dreams up-to-date with these beautiful 2019 trends. Call today to make an appointment with one of our pool designers and get started on your renovation.